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Ghana U20 coach Desmond Ofei asked to leave VIM Youth Tournament venue amidst tensions

The atmosphere at the VIM youth tournament, organized by a scout based in Austria, took an unexpected turn when Desmond Ofei, coach of the Ghana U20 team, was reportedly asked to leave the venue.

The tournament, hosted at the Accra Lions facility in Abokobi, featured prominent teams like Accra Lions and Right To Dream, attracting renowned figures in Ghanaian football, including Ibrahim Tanko, Laryea Kingston, and Paa Kwesi Fabin, who were present to scout young talents.

The tensions escalated when Ofei arrived at the venue on Sunday and was promptly instructed to leave after only a brief period of observing the games. The reasons behind the organizer’s decision to eject Ofei remain unclear, adding a sense of ambiguity to the situation. However, in a show of solidarity, Ibrahim Tanko and Paa Kwesi Fabin reportedly left the venue alongside Ofei.

Ibrahim Tanko reportedly went a step further by assisting Ofei, providing him with transportation away from the venue. The departure of these respected football figures raised eyebrows, leaving attendees and spectators puzzled about the circumstances surrounding Ofei’s abrupt exit from the VIM youth tournament.

The incident has sparked discussions and speculation within the Ghanaian football community, with many questioning the motives behind Ofei’s removal and the solidarity shown by his colleagues. As the football fraternity awaits further details, this unexpected turn of events has added a layer of intrigue to the youth tournament, leaving lingering questions about the dynamics at play behind the scenes.


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