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Xavi threatens his group with a new punishment!




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The tension is rising on the side of Barça! Xavi, the coach of the Catalan club, did not really appreciate the performance of his men during the derby against Espanyol (1-1). Even if Mateu Lahoz’s arbitration has been widely commented on with great controversy, it is out of the question to take refuge behind this sole excuse.

Xavi therefore already tightened the screw yesterday. As we mentioned, the Barça coach summoned his players on January 1 for training that was not planned in order to put certain things in place on the team’s game during this derby.

Xavi brandishes a new threat

And the turn of the screw does not stop there! Indeed, according to information from Sexta, Xavi already has another threat to his group in mind. Wednesday evening, a King’s Cup match comes against Intercity and out of the question for the Barça coach to consider a hiccup. The sanction is therefore clear: if Barça stumbles, the players will have to train again on January 6 which is an important player in Spain, namely El Dia De Los Reyes Magos, the Spanish Epiphany, much more celebrated in the other side of the Pyrenees. The quack is therefore prohibited…

to summarize

After having already tightened the screw after the draw conceded against Espanyol (1-1), Barça coach Xavi is seriously considering continuing to maintain the pressure. With the threat of a new punishment against the Blaugranas.

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